Due cavalli mangiano il fieno alla mangiatoia automatica
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Lubratec® Feeder

Horse-friendly, cost-effective feeding

Horses have an instinctive need to constantly take in food. As a result, the horse's stomach permanently produces gastric acid, which can only be neutralised by saliva. This is produced by chewing while eating. Therefore, regular portioned feeding plays an important role in the nutrition of horses in order to avoid colic, stomach ulcers or behavioural disorders.

A feeding trough with built-in time control is therefore ideal for feeding the horses at regular intervals while at the same time observing feeding breaks. The steel cuboid rack is suitable for round and square bales as well as hay nets and can be filled with a swivel gate. The four gates made of UV-resistant material can be opened and closed up to 20 times a day and thus enable time- and labour-saving feeding.

Healthier horses through regular feeding

Maximum saving of time and work

Product benefits

  • Regular feeding and individually adjustable feeding breaks
  • Feed saving compared to feeding with a feeder without time control – up to 6 kg per day and horse
  • Horses quickly get used to the feeding times
  • High feed fence arches prevent horses getting in
  • No jamming of the hooves possible due to small bar distance within the grid
  • Protection of the underside of the gates – no risk of injury to the horses when closing
  • Maximum saving of time and work by using the timer
 Technical details
Size2 x 2 meter
Drivetubular motor
Connection230 V
CurtainRain- and UV-resistant
Trough heightapprox. 45 - 60 cm
Roof heightExternal 2.1 - 2.3 m
Own weightapprox. 450 kg