Sala con porte Lubratec® - flessibilità ed efficienza per le applicazioni agricole
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Lubratec® Doors & Fronts

For efficient farm management

Textile doors and fronts are not only ideal weather and wind protection, thanks to their large opening widths they can also make the management of your barns and buildings much easier. Our Lubratec doors and fronts are available in many different designs, so that you can obtain solutions tailored to your individual needs, regardless of whether you are planning a dairy building, cattle building, pigsty, poultry house, horse stable or even a warehouse or machine hall.
The modern lightweight construction of the textile doors and fronts in combination with the additional ventilation effect ensures a better climate in the building and makes an important contribution to animal health.

Lubratec Stabitor - portone sezionale per uso intensivo e alta capacità di carico

Doors - Stabidoor

Sectional door for intensive use

The Lubratec Stabidoor is ideal for the daily passing of large vehicles.

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Lubratec Rollotor - Porta tecnicamente semplice per un comodo utilizzo nelle aperture dei fienili

Doors - Roller blind door

Roller blind system for drive-through and stable openings

The Lubratec roll motor is a technically simple door for daily opening and closing.

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Porta avvolgibile Lubratec - Porta affidabile e durevole per aree protette dal vento

Doors - Rolldoor

Simple door for wind-protected areas

The Lubratec roll door is suitable for occasional passes and is particularly durable.

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Frontale pieghevole Lubratec - Soluzione di chiusura efficace per aperture e passaggi ampi

Fronts - Folding Front

Closure of large openings

The Lubratec folding front is ideal for closing wide openings and passages in machine halls and feed storages.

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Parete avvolgibile Lubratec - Elevata protezione dal vento e dalle intemperie con effetto di ventilazione per le aperture sopra gli elementi fissi

Fronts - Roller blind front

Stable protection for wide openings

The Lubratec roller blind front is suitable for particularly long openings and is reassuring, with its enormous system security. The textile front can be used for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Lubratec Rollofront - Affidabile frontale tessile per uso interno ed esterno

Fronts - Rollwall

Closing of openings above fixed components

The Lubratec Rollwall is suitable for openings above the wall base or fixed gates. It offers a high degree of protection against wind and weather with a simultaneous ventilation effect.

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Frontale scorrevole Lubratec - struttura leggera per una protezione efficace con tenda scorrevole ad apertura laterale

Fronts - Sliding Front

Effective protection in lightweight construction

The Lubratec sliding front is a sliding curtain that opens to the side and is suitable for particularly low clearance heights.

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