Fattoria con stalla - Soluzioni Lubratec per la salute degli animali
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Animal-friendly solutions for the
Dairy and cattle farming

Lubratec products for improving animal health

Cattle need sufficient fresh air and daylight to stay healthy and develop well. It doesn't matter whether you are building a new cattle barn, dairy barn or box barn or whether you want to modernise your bull barn or calf barn: With our Lubratec ventilation systems, our textile doors and fronts or our lighting systems, you can transform any barn into a climate control barn. 
Plan your barn construction from the very beginning with Lubratec products. Not only will your animals benefit from an optimal barn climate, but also the management of your farm will be easier and more efficient.

Primo piano del sistema di ventilazione Lubratec per un allevamento a misura di animale

Natural and active Ventilation

Side ventilation systems, tube ventilation and air conditioning for the barn

In modern farm management, ventilation systems are indispensable for an optimal barn climate, which is a prerequisite for successful and animal-friendly husbandry of dairy cattle, bulls, calves, etc. Insufficient ventilation reduces the well-being of the animals. A poor barn climate can cause heat stress and has a negative effect on milk production, for example. The air circulation and the air temperature in the barn are optimised by an optimal interaction of our Lubratec side ventilation from flexible roll-up ventilation to fixed stretching variant, tube ventilation with or without extra cooling function and precision air conditioners. Natural and active ventilation also ensures better removal of dust and harmful gases from the barn. Further advantages of our ventilation systems are the prevention of heat stress and the reduction of humidity.


Natural Ventilation

Active Ventilation

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Illuminazione naturale e attiva nella stalla - Colmo di luce Lubratec e illuminazione a LED per il benessere degli animali

Natural and active Lighting

Light ridge and energy-efficient LED lighting for the barn

Light is vital for the healthy development of your calves, dairy cows, bulls and suckler cows. Insufficient light in the barn has a negative effect on animal welfare, but also, for example, on the performance of dairy cattle. Natural daylight and active lighting increase activity times, increase vitality and feed intake. By an optimal interaction of our Lubratec Light ridge and our LED lights the lighting in stables and buildings is optimized. Natural and active lighting reduces short days, melatonin secretion and twilight phases. High-quality materials of our light ridges and luminaires meet all requirements of modern lighting systems. They convince by long durability with maximum light yield and high economic efficiency through energy saving.


Natural Lighting

Active Lighting

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Cancelli e frontali tessili per la gestione del cantiere - Soluzioni Lubratec per ampi passaggi

Doors & Fronts

Textile doors for wind protection and efficient management

Efficient farm management means not only a favourable cost-benefit ratio but also that you can quickly deploy your machines wherever you urgently need them. This is why in modern barn construction generous access routes and openings are taken into account from the very beginning. Our textile doors and fronts are the perfect solution for wide passageways. The textile sectional doors, roller blinds, rolling and folding doors and fronts make it easier for you to manage your barns and buildings and at the same time protect against wind and weather. Large opening widths and a high degree of individualisation ensure a wide range of possible applications. In contrast to conventional material doors, the modern lightweight construction with the additional ventilation effect provides a better barn climate and thus increases animal welfare. In addition to cattle sheds, Lubratec doors and fronts are also excellently suited for storage and machine halls.




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Vista interna della stalla a clima controllato di Lubratec con le mucche per un allevamento sano dei vitelli


Climate concept for the calf barn for healthy calf rearing

Lubratec Concept was developed with experienced veterinarians and farmers and offers you the right solution for your requirements in an uncomplicated way: A climate barn that promotes the healthy development of your calves and is easy to manage.

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