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Lubratec® Light Ridge

Natural barn lighting and barn ventilation with maximum daylight

The Lubratec light ridge is also a ventilation ridge and therefore particularly efficient in natural stable lighting and stable ventilation. The high daylight yield in the stable or riding hall is an important factor for the well-being of your animals. 
Light is the source of all life. Due to the opening width of up to 7 metres and the use of a special fabric foil, the light is widely diffused. At the same time, the stable building remains cool due to the highly UV-stabilised fabric film, so there is no greenhouse effect. Warm air and exhaust air can escape directly through the lateral openings of the light ridge. The robust steel construction combined with the Lubratec light ridge membrane ensures a high stability of the light and ventilation ridge and can absorb high static loads. 

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More natural light
in buildings

Continuous air extraction
through suction effect

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